Supply chain management is an important aspect of any engineering business, and as part of a wider group of engineering
companies we benefit from a web of trusted suppliers to facilitate a vast range of needs. Offering this service as part of our sub-contract machining solutions, we are best placed within the dedicated procurement hubs to gain the highest levels of quality and competition in our supply chain network.

Our procurement specialists in forgings, castings and fabrications have extensive experience in managing the supply chain to ensure that the level of service we receive from our suppliers, matches the service we deliver to our customers. Our comprehensive Vendor Rating System covers all aspects of quality, HSE and business practice, to guarantee that we only use the very best suppliers; this means we can build trusted relationships with our network of suppliers in order to get the best value both for us and for our customers.

We understand different customer requirements with their supply chain needs, and that sometimes this responsibility is best placed with the sub-contract machining provider so that they have full control over the manufacturing process. By taking this responsibility off your hands we can work closely with suppliers to ensure we match the right specification and price, all within your required lead time to ensure we meet our schedule.

Our vast experience in global logistics and documentation means we have developed a seamless approach to managing imports and legislation; this can give you peace of mind that the supplies will be delivered at the right time and to the right specification. Materials arriving at our site go through metallurgy testing to confirm that the materials are to the exacting standards that you require, offering you the assurance that your materials match the standards necessary for application.

Sharing our expertise across the energy markets that we serve ensures we can also share best practice, adopt learnings and adapt quickly to changing requirements.

We are a leading provider of project managed machining solutions trusted for our resolute commitment to quality and on time delivery.

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