BEL Engineering Supports Major Pipeline Programme

BEL Engineering has manufactured several components to form a clamping unit for a world leading offshore technology and energy equipment provider.

Made up of 18 parts, the unit weighs approximately 50 tonnes and will be used as part of a subsea repair pipeline programme to support the area of pipe whilst it is being replaced.

The components, made up of clamp halves, collets and adapters, were machined on the Toshulin Powerturn 1600APC and the Giddings and Lewis VTC2000 and VTC1000. The machines, based on-site at the BEL Engineering facility in Newcastle upon Tyne, provide the capability to machine large components and offer well-proven frame design guaranteeing high rigidity and stability during machining.

The BEL Engineering team oversaw the management of the project from start to finish and delivered the clamp within 16 weeks, ready to be assembled and deployed in its location.

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