Introducing our new Manufacturing Engineering Manager

BEL Engineering is pleased to welcome Robert Cook as Manufacturing Engineering Manager.

Robert is a time-served engineer who has spent 36 years working in various roles in the defence, marine and oil and gas industries.

In his new role, Robert is responsible for managing the manufacturing engineering department which specifies the manufacture of all parts passing through the business. His priorities are ensuring that the engineering department is reactive to the business’ needs, solving problems at any stage and making sure that parts are being manufactured to the highest standard.

As young as six years old, Robert’s passion for engineering started when he would help his brother in-law, who worked as a mechanic, fix cars and bikes. After completing a technician apprenticeship at sister company, Michell Bearings, Robert later studied Mechanical Engineering at Northumbria University and has worked in various engineering roles since.

Robert, said: “It’s great to be back working at the British Engines Group. Over the coming months, I will continue to mold the department to ensure we are meeting the most stringent requirements from our customers. BEL Engineering has an excellent range of resources, including machines and computer software, and it is important that we use these to their full potential.”

Outside of work Robert enjoys motocross with his son, mountain biking and football.

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