High integrity machined parts

BEL Engineering employs some of the most advanced technologies to ensure the integrity of your machined parts.

Edgecam, the market leading computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software for NC part programming, Machined partsprovides an easy to use tool path generation mechanism for all machining operations. BEL Engineering uses Edgecam to efficiently and accurately generate the numeric control code.

We employ Vericut software to simulate the machining in order to detect errors, potential collisions, or areas of inefficiency before any metal is cut. It integrates our machine tools and your components with the numeric control code to create an accurate simulation of the machining process. The process ensures that errors are corrected in the office – not on the valuable component or raw materials and before the program is even loaded onto the machine. Vericut also optimises program cutting speeds to boost the efficiency of the machining process.

BEL Engineering has invested in Venturion 800, an advanced Zoller Tool Presetting machine. This CNC machine allows accurate tool diameter and length information to be loaded directly into the offset parameters of our machine tools, reducing the risk of errors still further.

These three processes working together ensures we reduce any risk and increases the integrity and accuracy of our machined parts.

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