Michael Welsh Celebrates Over 50 Years of Service With The British Engines Group

Maintenance Electrician, Michael Welsh, celebrated 51 years of service at the British Engines Annual Awards Ceremony last week.

Mick is praised across the group for his work ethic and attitude towards helping others. It’s clear from speaking to Mick that even five decades on, he still feels passionately about his career…

When did you begin your apprenticeship?

I began my apprenticeship with BEL Valves once I’d finished school in August 1970. In my first year, I learned electrical studies in the morning and welding in the afternoon. I chose to continue with electrical as I found a passion and interest for machines and installation. From 1971-1974, I worked in the electrical shop on the BEL Valves site doing installation work around the business.

How did your career progress after your apprenticeship?

In 1980 I moved from installation work to maintaining the machines, but it was difficult to get training unless a machine broke down. On the occasion an engineer was called on site to carry out repairs, I bought them a cup of coffee so that they would find it difficult to so say no when I asked for information.

Do you have any exciting stories from your career?

I went on a training course in 1983 near Heidelberg, Germany, for training on the newly developed Weisser lathe. This was an exciting experience as I had the opportunity to learn about the technology from the talented German engineers. I gained a lot of beneficial knowledge and was able to share this with my colleagues when I returned to Newcastle.

What are your interests outside of work?

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and studying history, specifically aviation and Greek history. I also enjoy walking, when I retire I plan on getting another dog to keep me active.

What made you stay within the British Engines Group throughout your career?

I stayed with the group because of loyalty to the company. The business has always invested in new technology, as well as their employees. I’ve found the working environment to be enjoyable and ever-changing as new machinery is introduced. Over the years, I’ve built good friendships with my colleagues and have thoroughly enjoyed training the apprentices.

Maintenance and HSE Manager, Tim Maughan, said: “Michael is an extremely conscientious employee who is skilled at his job. He’s knowledgeable and will share this with his peers, as well as helping external engineers when they come on site. The team at BEL Engineering is grateful for his service and we hope he continues to be a role model to all.”

We wish Mick many more happy years with BEL Engineering.

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