Celebrating our Employees at the British Engines Group Awards

Congratulations to our employees who were honoured at the British Engines Group Annual Awards 2023, acknowledging their commitment and dedication to their work and the company.

The awards acknowledge the accomplishments of the group’s apprentices, alongside long-serving employees who have been a part of the British Engines Group for 25, 35, 40, 45 and 50 years.

Congratulations to Alan Higgins for 40 years of service and Bob Scope and Kevin Mole for 35 years of service.

The evening highlighted the achievements of Chris Dos-Santos and Kacper Konarski at BEL Engineering, winners of the 2nd Year Apprentice Awards for exhibiting exceptional work ethic and a positive attitude. Chris, in the CMM department, showcased multitasking skills operating all three CMM’s at once, alongside his detailed high-quality work setting an example for others.

Kacper has excelled demonstrating precision on both CNC and milling machines whilst also recently. stepping up to complete an urgent customer rework at the Training Academy. Kacper’s supervisors highlighted that he has excellent problem-solving skills and a great engineering brain, which only has the potential to develop and grow.

Congratulations to Jonathon Kennedy, recipient of the 4th Year Apprentice Award, for his proficiency in operating large vertical turning centres at BEL Engineering. Jonathon’s value extends beyond his technical skills, as he actively participates in Better Health at Work initiatives, showcasing leadership and communication abilities.

A special mention to Tom Cotcher, winner of the 2023 HT Lamb Award, for his pivotal role in installing a generator to power the entire factory. Tom’s enthusiasm, professionalism and can-do attitude contribute significantly to the Maintenance Team’s success.

All British Engines Group apprentices were commended for their outstanding levels of commitment and versatility as they progress through their apprenticeships.

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