BEL Engineering joins Cavendish Nuclear for its First Careers Exchange Scheme

BEL Engineering, part of the British Engines Group, will be working with Cavendish Nuclear on their very first cross-industry exchange scheme.

The scheme focuses on providing employees with opportunities to work across different practices, within various cultures and to experience alternative manufacturing techniques which can aid their professional development.

Jonathan Lamb, Chief Executive Officer at BEL Engineering said: “The Early Careers Exchange Scheme is a unique experience and an exciting opportunity to highlight the full 360° degree journey of manufacturing. It provides our employees with a chance to develop their understanding of practical design for engineering solutions within the nuclear waste industry.”

Earlier in 2019 senior representatives from Cavendish Nuclear visited the BEL Engineering facility, and a reciprocated tour of Cavendish Nuclear’s Dalton Avenue, Birchwood site followed.

The programme will formally begin with a visit from Cavendish Nuclear’s design and engineering team to the BEL Engineering manufacturing facility at St Peter’s, Newcastle. The team will spend time learning about the techniques and processes used at BEL Engineering, in order to provide a wider appreciation for engineering techniques and innovation.

Mark Dearden, Engineering and Assurance Director at Cavendish Nuclear and executive sponsor of the Early Careers Exchange Scheme, said: “The opportunity of participating in a cross-industry exchange is priceless for everyone involved. It aims to broaden horizons, develop new skills, ways of thinking and develop an all in service of creating talent that is adept and agile for the future challenges in the nuclear sector.”

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