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The increasingly complex nature of power generation methods requires ever more adaptable manufacturing technologies. We deliver reliable, quality components for power generation’s demanding operating conditions, for both large scale and intricate component machining.

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Sharing our expertise across the energy markets that we serve ensures we can also share best practice, adopt learnings and adapt quickly to changing requirements.


We have developed a thorough understanding of the rigorous and complex material requirements used in deep water oil and gas applications. That means we know what, how, why and when specialty alloys need to be used for some of the most extreme conditions on the planet. Combine this with a need to ensure 100% reliable components and you can quickly see how this expertise has transferred to delivering solutions for the nuclear industry.

Benefits at a glance…

  • Timely delivery of components essential especially in outage situations
  • Advise on suitability of metal alloys
  • Careful attention to documentation protocols
  • Guaranteed accuracy, machined to drawing

Wave, Tidal and Hydro-Power

Working closely with our customers we are delivering a new and unique range of machining capabilities to service water generation, tidal and wave energy components and the associated subsea systems.


Benefits at a glance…

  • Machining of complex metal alloys
  • Large scale capacity for water turbine generators
  • 30 years expertise delivering to marine and subsea applications
  • High speed and superior accuracy machining

Wind Power Generation

As with all generation plants, wind power generators are subjected to enormous stresses and so machined materials must deliver superior performance.

Wind energy

Benefits at a glance…

  • Automated manufacturing of gears and rotors
  • Enhanced efficiency for speed of response
  • Precise manufacturing processes

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