Planning and Scheduling

To ensure we deliver our customer projects on time we employ advanced planning and scheduling software (APS) to manage individual component machining from materials source to finished product. Careful planning of all these manufacturing processes means we deliver to the agreed customer schedules.

APS also provides full visibility of each machine loading which ensures that we Manufacturing processeshave a clear understanding of capacity at any period in time taking into account shift patterns, performance factors, and material availability. Having a well-defined view of capacity also enables us to provide our customers with fast turnaround projects when needed.


Computer Aided Manufacture

Edgecam is the market leading computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software for computer numeric control (CNC) part programming delivering simple toolpath generation for all machining operations. BEL Engineering uses Edgecam to efficiently and accurately generate the NC code.

We employ Vericut software to simulate CNC machining in order to detect errors, potential collisions, or areas of inefficiency. It integrates our machine tools and your components with the NC code to create an accurate simulation of the machining process. This means any errors are corrected in the office and not during the process. An additional benefit that the software delivers is optimisation of the NC program cutting speeds which boosts the efficiency of the machining process.


Process control

Our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been set to ensure we maintain the very highest levels of service and support. Our three key measures are for on-time delivery, quality performance and of course health and safety. To maintain these standards and reach the KPI targets we have established a documented quality management system which meets the requirements of BE EN ISO 9001. The scope of this system ensures that quality and repeatability is maintained throughout our processes. And, not wanting to stand still, we are continually striving to improve these processes – drawing from ‘Lean’ methodology, ensuring we eliminate waste, increasing efficiency and concentrating on the value add for our customers.


We are a leading provider of project managed machining solutions trusted for our resolute commitment to quality and on time delivery.

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