An original conceptual design does not always make for an optimum design for manufacture. To ensure that we produce the right end result we have a team of Production Engineers who interrogate and evaluate original designs to spot potentially problematic features – which may be difficult or overly costly to machine.

Once identified, we provide suggested amendments to original drawings to support a process of value engineering. Through experience we have found significant cost savings can be made when we follow this process at an early stage of the project – having seen up to 38% savings on original project costs.



Untitled-2Having an established quality assurance system creates the right set of procedures to work to. Adherence to these processes is also essential in the on time, right first time delivery of our customer projects. This is where our team of quality control inspectors create value.

Utilising the embedded metrology processes our quality inspectors ensure that every aspect of the project is controlled to achieve the very highest standards of quality.

To quickly and accurately acquire component dimensions and surface data we use the latest Renishaw probe measurement systems. The process allows us to accurately set fixtures and components, and ensures the integrity of machined components via its in-process and final inspection elements.

And to complete the picture we conduct Independent off the machine inspections using the LK Coordinate Measuring Machine, which performs dimensional, positional and surface measurement in a single system.

We are a leading provider of project managed machining solutions trusted for our resolute commitment to quality and on time delivery.

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